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Corporate References
The MathWorks
1 to 1 Solutions
Digital Equipment Corporation
Freelance References

Compaq Computer

“At the time I managed the System Compatibility Test Lab for the Storage External Products group. Mike had developed the group's web page for communicating the lab's capabilities and resources available. Mike did an excellent job and was a good addition to our team. I would be happy to work with Mike again and would highly recommend him” — March 1, 2011


Darrell Poirier, Technical Leader, Qualification Test Lab, Compaq Computer managed Mike indirectly at Compaq Computer Corporation



“Mike did a good job in creating our web site and in incorporating all of the detail we required.” — March 14, 2008


Top qualities: Personable , Good Value , High Integrity


Charles Newfell hired Mike as a IT Consultant in 1997


The following letter of recommendation was written by Vin Mains, my immediate supervisor when I worked at Digital Equipment Corporation/Compaq Computer. Due to the proprietary nature of an intranet, my work in this area can not be viewed on-line.


Compaq Computer Corporation

December 27, 1999

Dear Sir or Madam:

Please accept this reference letter for Michael Humphrey as an acknowledgement of the outstanding contributions Michael has made to our organization over the last two years.


Michael led the activities in the design and development of our corporate intranet web site {proprietary domain removed}. This achievement not only consisted of the one hundred plus (100+) page design, but included the necessary fundamental activities of identifying the audience, the purpose of the site and coordinating System Administrative resources for an effective site launch and continued maintenance.


More recently, Michael revised our site to comply with Compaq Corporate "InLine" policies. Having achieved our initial objectives, Michael proceeded to enhance the site with web-enabled Powerpoint presentations, various Java Applets/Scripts and Feedback forms for continuous improvements.


Michael's final task was to train Administrative Personnel for the on-going content enhancement for the site he created.

Should you have any questions or require additional information on Michael's accomplishments here at Compaq, feel free to give me a call.


Vin Mains
Manager, Engineering
Data Products Group

currently at Storage Networks
Westford, MA
VP of Engineering


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