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Watertown Citizens For Common Sense

Watertown Citizens For Common Sense

December 2005

When we needed a web site we knew the only person to call was Mike Humphrey. After a brief conversation describing our organization, its purpose and goals, Mike immediately got to work on several designs.


Within hours he had emailed me links with graphic and design possibilities. Once we made our choice and gave him content, the site was up and running in a matter or hours.


The same goes for maintenance and updates. Mike is diligent about giving us tremendous service. All we need to do is email him content and takes care of the rest.


Mike goes the extra mile for us as I’m sure he does for all his clients. In short, our web site is a carefree operation. We never have to worry if our material is posted in timely fashion or if it will be featured as we would want.


Over the past two years, all of our visitors and members have commented the effective design and ease of navigation. I would unconditionally recommend his services to anyone.


John DiMascio
Director, Watertown Citizens for Common Sense Government

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